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It is common for homes in the Chicago area to have basements and the basement is vulnerable to flooding.  One of the most effective ways to keep your basement from flooding is to have a sump pump and ejector pump installed and to ensure that both pumps are in good repair. 

Sump pumps help protect your home from flooding by collecting water from outside your home such as rain and ground water and pumping it away from your foundation.  Ejector pumps collect wastewater from sinks, bathrooms, washing machines, and other appliances or plumbing fixtures in your basement and discharge the water into the sewer system.  If there is a problem with either type of pump, it can lead to basement flooding which results in costly damage.

At Fly Plumbing & HVAC, we provide sump pump and ejector pump repair and maintenance services in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  Our technicians can diagnose and repair problems with either basement pump and provide maintenance to help prevent common issues.

Sump Pump Repair

The sump pump consists of a basin installed in a pit that is dug into the lowest point of the basement or crawlspace and a pump that expels the water through a pipe that goes outside the home.  Ground water and storm water will gather in the basin and when it hits a certain level, the pump will turn on to expel the water.  The pipe runs the water far enough away from the foundation to drain safely and it has a one-way valve that prevents the water from coming back into the home.

With so many working parts, there is always a chance that something within the sump pump can fail and leave your basement vulnerable to flooding.  The following are the most common problems that affect sump pumps:

  • Loss of electric power
  • Unable to handle volume of water coming into the pit
  • Missing or broken check valve on discharge pipe
  • Stuck float switch
  • Malfunction from old age

You can help avoid these problems with your sump pump by calling our technicians for yearly maintenance.  We will inspect the sump pump to look for and address any issues before they become a bigger problem.  It is best to have your sump pump maintained in the spring before the rainy season.

If you notice any of these problems with your sump pump, you need to call our professionals right away.  Our technicians can diagnose the problem with your sump pump and fix it to keep your basement protected from flooding.

Ejector Pump Repair and Maintenance

Ejector pumps look similar to sump pumps but serve a different purpose.  These pumps collect wastewater from plumbing fixtures and appliances in the basement and discharge the water directly into the main sewer line.  The pits for ejector pumps have sealed lids to block dangerous odors from the sewer.

Ejector pumps can fail for the same reasons as sump pumps and when this happens, your basement could be affected by wastewater or dangerous odors from the sewer.  If there is flooding near your ejector pump or foul sewage odors in your basement, call our technicians for ejector pump repair.  We will quickly identify and fix the problem to ensure that your ejector pump is functional.  We can also provide maintenance for ejector pumps to prevent common problems.

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Whether you need emergency repairs or maintenance for your ejector pump or sump pump, call the professionals of Fly Plumbing & HVAC.  You can reach us at (847) 868-1444 for ejector pump and sump pump repairs in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We provide free estimates and same day service.

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