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Air Conditioning System

During the hottest months of summer, homes and businesses rely on their air conditioning to help ensure a comfortable environment.  Going without cooling during hot weather is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous in hot enough temperatures.  Trusted air conditioning repair and maintenance is needed to ensure that your air conditioner works when you need it most.

At Fly Plumbing & HVAC, we provide air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement services for homes and businesses in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We are highly trained and equipped to provide a range of air conditioning services from maintenance and tune ups to repairs and full replacement.  If your air conditioner has broken down, our technicians work to diagnose the issues and perform necessary repairs.  We pride ourselves on reliability and trust so you can rest easy knowing that we are providing the best possible services.  All of our work is guaranteed, and you can expect transparent pricing.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

The best way to avoid problems with your air conditioner and extend its life is to call our professionals for AC maintenance.  Your heating and air conditioning system requires regular maintenance, ignoring regular check-ups will cause your system to fail sooner and increase your chances of replacing your unit entirely.  The best time to have your air conditioner maintained is in the spring before you need it for the summer.


When you call Fly Plumbing & HVAC for air conditioner maintenance, we will perform a detailed inspection of the system to look for any problems.  We will address the issues we find and provide a general tune-up if needed to get it ready for the summer.  Our regular maintenance can save you money by avoiding major repairs and replacement and the inconvenience of being stuck without air conditioning on a hot day.

Air Conditioning Repair

If there is a problem with your air conditioner, such as weak airflow, lukewarm air, noises, odors, or failure to turn on, you should call our professionals for air conditioning repair services.  Our technicians are experts when it comes to air conditioner repair and can diagnose any problems with your unit.  We will then discuss the problem with you, including the repair process and costs, before beginning the repairs.

Our air conditioning repair services include the following:

  • Compressor repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Refrigerant leak repairs and recharges
  • Fan belt replacements
  • Fan blade replacements
  • Blower motor replacements

Air Conditioning Replacement

When it comes to air conditioning replacement, the correct size air conditioning unit matters.  A unit that is too small will not adequately cool the home or building and units that are too big will waste energy and cost you more money.  At Fly Plumbing & HVAC, we are committed to helping you choose the right equipment based on your budget and the needs of your home or building.  Our experts are prepared to walk you through the recommended installation options to ensure that the work is done safely and efficiently. 

No matter what type of air conditioning unit you get, you can trust our professionals to install it properly.  Your new air conditioner will be ready to go once we have completed the installation.


Are you hearing an unusual noise? Is your bill not what it used to be? With years of experience and proper training our experts are prepared to test and diagnose all your heating and air conditioning problems.

Contact Fly Plumbing & HVAC

If there is a problem with your air conditioner, do not hesitate to call Fly Plumbing & HVAC for air conditioning repair, maintenance, and replacement services.  You can reach us at (847) 868-1444 for air conditioning repair and replacement in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We can provide you with a free estimate and schedule same day services.

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