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Frequently Asked Questions

For the most part, kitchen drains clog because of grease or old rusted piping that is almost impossible to clear. Bathroom drains tend to clog because of hair buildup, and oil residue from soaps and shampoos. Many treat them with drain cleaner but sometimes make the situation worse. The best thing to do is call a professional. Our technicians have equipment that is not sold at your everyday super store and we get the job done correctly the first time around.

A leaking water heater is very normal and will happen to everyone at a certain time. This is normally due to normal wear and tear and there is no repair for it. Once you have a leaking water heater, call Fly Plumbing for a replacement quote.

A sewage ejector pump mainly handles sewage water and grey water from your restroom or laundry. A sump pump strictly handles ground water.

Leaky toilets can add hundreds of dollars every year onto your water bill. A toilet that runs non-stop indicates that some part of the mechanism is faulty.

Almost all biodegradable food waste can be put into garbage disposals. However, high-fiber content foods and non-food materials should never be run through a Disposal.

Your main sewer is your main tunnel for all of the buildings sewage and wastewater. If there is an issue in the sewer like a break, heavy grease, roots, or a foreign object, the drains in your home will start to back up. If your sewer is backed up, it will need to be rodded or hydro jetted. Once that is complete, a video inspection can be done to determine the cause of the problem.

Depending on where it is (Underground or above ground), a sewer repair will need to be done. If it is underground, it will require pulling permits and excavating down to the sewer pipe. Once repair of the pipe is complete, there will be a city inspection and backfill by us.

The root cause of low water pressure is galvanized piping. The only permanent solution to this is to remove the old galvanized water piping, and install new water piping. 

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