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Our skilled technicians can help with any water heater repair or replacement around the clock. When you have a water heater emergency, call Fly Plumbing and our technician will arrive with a heater on his truck ready for replacement. We completely understand what it’s like to be without hot water and that’s why we eliminate the issue as fast as possible.

Types of Water Heaters

Sometimes a water heater can be repaired and sometimes it needs to be replaced. Our professionals will help your pick which heater fits your needs and budget. There are three different types of heaters that we provide. They include:

  • Conventional. Gas or electric energy keeps water at a set temperature They come in a variety of gallon capacities ranging from 40 gallons-80 gallons for residential. Larger tanks are used in homes with a hot tub or with serious water demands. High-efficiency models can decrease water heating bills by about seven percent.
  • Power Vent. A power vent water heater uses a blower or fan to exhaust gases by pushing them through vent pipes that are horizontal. The primary advantage of a power vent is that the water heater can be located in any area and does not require a vertical vent or chimney. This type of heater is also more efficient than a conventional and usually has more BTU (British Thermal Units) which means more hot water for you!
  • Tankless. This energy-efficient design only heats water when it is used. It needs less space but may require special venting, larger gas lines, or additional electric circuits. This type of heater may reduce water heating bills by as much as 30 percent.

The price that you are quoted includes, delivery of the new heater, disposal of the old heater, and installation of the new heater. Any modifications may be discussed with the technician that arrives on site.

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