Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Water heaters are important appliances as homes and buildings need hot water.  Like any other appliance, water heaters need proper maintenance to remain functional and last for their expected lifespan.  However, water heaters do break down which requires repairs, and eventually all water heaters need to be replaced.  If you notice a problem with your water heater such as leaking near the appliance or lukewarm water, make sure you call our professionals at Fly Plumbing & HVAC.

Fly Plumbing & HVAC provides water heater repair and replacement services in Wheeling, IL and the surrounding Chicago suburbs.  We can provide maintenance and repair to keep your water heater functioning as well as full replacement if your water heater cannot be fixed.

Our skilled technicians can help with any water heater repair or replacement.  We can respond to water heater emergencies around the clock and our technicians will arrive with a new water heater on the truck in case replacement is necessary.  We understand what it’s like to be without hot water which is why we eliminate the issue as fast as possible.